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Using the site

Do not know my Username/Member Login
Forgot Password
Not a member, but want more access
Having to login again
How do I contact ASTA

Finding ASTA members

Find a travel agent - our popular directory
Finding out if a person/company is a member
Other available directories

Your Membership

Managing your membership
Checking how often your profile is viewed
Download your membership certificate
Auto-Renewal program
Edit profile and social networking information
Edit specializations and personal information
Adding Photos
Create a custom URL
Renew membership
Upgrade to Premium


Educational courses online
Secure transactions
Check & wire transfer

Using the site

Q: I do not remember my Username/member Login

A: Your Username/Member Login is the email that you have registered with ASTA. If you are unsure which email that is, contact us, or look up the email listed in your in the Find A Travel Agent Directory.

Q: I forgot/do not know my password

A: No problem, click the link in the upper right hand corner. "Forgot my password". You will need to provide the email that you have registered with ASTA.

Q: I am not an ASTA member, but I want to get access to more information. How do I proceed in registering to use the site?

A: ASTA does provide access to some of the association's content provided you supply us with some basic information about yourself. By going through our quick and easy web site user registration process, you will be provided with a username and password which you can use when you revisit the site.

You will have access to more content than a non registered user has but not all the content. The majority of the site is available to paid ASTA members only.

It is important to note that becoming a 'registered user' of our web site does not make you an ASTA member nor can you identify yourself as an ASTA member. If you are interested in becoming member, please click here to review the membership qualifications.

Q: I login into the site earlier today, and now it is asking me to login again.

A: For your security, ASTA.org logs you out after 20+ minutes of inactivity. This is set up to defend our systems and your information from anything that would compromise data.

Q: How do I contact ASTA?

A: Please use the contact us submit form - specifying the inquiry topic in the dropdown menu. If you are a Premium Member of ASTA, please contact your relationship manager.

Finding ASTA members

Q: How can I find out if a company/person is a member of ASTA?

A: If you are not a member of ASTA, you can locate members by the following:

  1. Find a Travel Agent Directory - Find great travel agent, search this directory and find out detailed information about ASTA member agents. Check out what languages they speak; what type of travel they specialize in and even their favorite destination. There are over 180 niche search parameters to help you fing the right agent.
  2. Verify a Member Directory - Lists every ASTA member worldwide, including travel agents, travel agencies, cruise lines, tour operators, hotels, car rentals, etc. If they say they are a member, you can verify find them in this directory. 
  3. Find a Travel School Directory - List all travel school members in the U.S. and around the world.
  4. Buyers Guide - Searchable database of all ASTA member travel suppliers.
  5. Travel Industry Awards Winners - Check out the most recent winners as well as the historical winner, to access this data you will need to sign-up to use the site. It is quick and easy.

If you are a member of ASTA, more options are available to you:

  1. Member to Member Directory - Lists all members of the association with extensive contact information, geographical specialists and business types.
  2. 25 Year Club Directory - Thousands of members have been industry and have ASTA members for more than 25 years.
  3. YPS Club Directory - Professionals under 40 who are making their mark in the travel industry.
  4. TOP (Tour Operator Program) Listing - Lists all the TOP members, their specialization, company description plus a listing of special offers available to ASTA members.
  5. ASTA's National Officers
  6. ASTA's Domestic and International Chapter Presidents
  7. ASTA's Chapter Officers
  8. ASTA's Committees
  9. Host Agencies Listing - ASTA members who are also host agencies
  10. Premium Member Directory - Lists all premium members' company information, premium primary pepresentative's contact information, their premium manager's names and the ASTA relationship manager. (Access restricted to premium members only)
  11. AMSI Endorsed Providers - AMSI eMart where special providers have made specialized services available to ASTA members.

Your Membership

Q:  How to I manage my membership?

Under the ‘My Profile' section of ASTA.org there are numerous options available to assist you in managing your association membership.  To access this area of the site, simply log in to ASTA.org and click ‘My Profile' in the upper right hand corner.

Simple Instructions [PDF]

1.      Membership Overview - This page includes:

i. Your membership number
ii. Membership expiration date
iii. Primary Chapter
iv. If you are enrolled in automatic renewal program
v. [travel agents only] How many times your profile has been viewed
vi. [travel agents only] How many times your name was displayed in the Find a Travel Agent search results
vii. Link to your membership certificate and your membership ID card
viii. ASTA Meetings you may have attended
ix. Links to any of the PDFs you have purchased in the last 90 days

2.      Membership Overview - Check how often your profile has been viewed

a. If you are an ASTA travel agent member, you can see how many times your name has appeared in the Find a Travel Agent Directory search results and how many times your full profile page has been viewed.
b. The search results, counts only the directory searches
c. The number of times your profile has been viewed may be higher than the searches as ASTA members can be search in public Google or other search engines
c. Members with more information in their profile are viewed more often

3.      Membership Overview - Auto-renewal program

a. To enroll click ‘edit' on the Enrolled in Automatic Renewals line on the Membership Overview page.
b. You can also update your credit card information or discontinue participation in the program.

4.      Membership Overview - Membership Certificate/Member ID

a. Click the link ‘Download Member Certificate' to download your most current membership certificate or ID.

5.      Profile

  1. a. Provides a listing of the principal information on file with ASTA

6.      Edit Profile

a. On this page you can edit information on file with ASTA. Currently you are not able to change/update your company name, please contact askasta@asta.org to update.
b. You may also add or change your Social Networking information. The social networking items available are:

i. Blog
ii. Facebook page
iii. Facebook profile
iv. Flickr
v. LinkedIn
vi. MSN IM
vii. MySpace
viii. Plaxo
ix. Skpe
x. Twitter
xi. Yahoo IM
xii. YouTube

7.      Edit Specializations - To change your ‘Member-to-Member' or ‘Find a Travel Agent' directory profile data

a. To manage the information on the Member-to-member directory and the Find a Travel Agent directory [travel agents only] on the Edit Specialization link
b. Add personal information about the travel specialties you provide and the destinations you sell and the languages you speak.
c. Perhaps most importantly, you can provide information to the directory users about why they should select you when looking for someone in which to do business.
d. You can also set yourself apart by adding a tagline about yourself.

8.      Upload photos to your profile

a. Let people know who they are doing business with.
b. From the specialization profile page, click on the ‘Edit' link next to the profile photo to upload a photo or yourself or your company logo.
c. You can add 3 additional photos to support the information about yourself.
d. We recommend a photo of you in the destination in which you specialize.

9.      Create a custom URL

a. Travel Agent members can create a custom URL that points to their Find a Travel Agent directory profile. Even if you have a company website, this is a great way to market yourself online.
b. Click the ‘Edit Custom URL' on the left hand side.

10.  Change your password while in your Membership Profile

a. Click the ‘Edit Password' link on the left hand side.

Q: How do I renew my membership?

If your membership will expired within 60 days or just expired less than 60 days ago... 

Log in and click the Renew' link in the upper right hand corner.

If your membership expired more than 60 days ago...

Log in to your old account using this link. Once in your account, click the 'MYASTA' link in the blue upper bar and then the 'RENEW' link.

Exceptions: 1) If your membership is tied to your company's membership, then your company must renew first. 2) Future Travel Professionals must contact ASTA HQ to renew. 3) If your membership expired over a year ago. Please have your club membership is tied to your gradation date.

Please use the ‘contact us' submit form, specifying Membership Renewal the dropdown menu. Or call 703.739.2782  between 9 - 5 ET.

Q: I want to up grade my membership to Premium. What do I do?

A: Just contact our Premium Member Relationship Sales Manager at pbonin@asta.org

Purchasing on ASTA.org

Q: Can I purchase educational courses online?

A: Yes. ASTA has educational courses on a wide variety of topics and are available in several different formats, including PDF, Print, CD and Online Interactive.

Q: I received an educational course that is different from the one I ordered. How do I exchange this?

A: No problem. Please use the contact us submit form. Please specify Order Status the inquiry topic in the dropdown menu and a replacement will be arranged.

Q: If I pay for my purchases with a credit card, are those transactions secured?

A: When you purchase anything on ASTA.org, you can feel confident that your credit card information is secure.

Q: Can I pay by check or wire transfer?

A: Yes. ASTA accepts checks and wire transfer. Please use the ‘contact us' submit form, specifying Membership Renewal the dropdown menu. 

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