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Designed especially for on-the-go professionals, ASTA's courses offer the resources you need to stay on the cutting edge of travel. Courses are designed to make it easy for you to work at your own pace.

Discover the indispensable business benefits offered by our premium selection of programs!

Travel Agent Education Courses

Travel Agent Education: Model AgencySales and Marketing Course
Gain a broad understanding of sales and marketing in the travel industry today. From front line agents to managers and owners, everyone is in some way involved with these two important business fundamentals. Video course and pdf.

Travel Agency Consultancy Fee Course

Travel Agent Consultancy Fees Course
Covering a broad range of issues related to fees in travel agencies from simple transaction or ticketing fees to hourly professional consultation fees, there may be a solution for everyone. Video course and pdf.

Travel Agent Leisure Sales CourseLeisure Sales Course
Short course presenting easy ways to increase your agency’s leisure sales. All of the ideas you’ll see have been used by agencies of varying types. There is one thing that all the ideas that follow have in common: they are really very simple! Video course and pdf.

Travel Agent Education: Model AgencyTravel Agent’s Management Toolkit
Gain the essential tools that will maximize your assets and minimize your time and effort spent keeping up with changing business needs.


Travel Agent Specialization Courses

Travel Agent Education: Turkey SpecialistTurkey Specialist
Explore Turkey's rich history, as it serves as the backdrop to a tourism infrastructure that is thoroughly modern, with a large selection of accommodations and activities suited to please virtually any travel palate.

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Cuba Specialist Cuba Specialist
Get the most comprehensive training on selling Cuba, the exotic Caribbean destination already in high demand by niche travelers.

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Travel Agent Leisure Sales Course Travel Market Specialist
Learn the value of niche marketing, advertising and other strategic concepts that will increase your visibility among consumers.

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Travel Agent Education: Niche Travel SpecialistNiche Specialist
Expand into new markets by learning more than 100 areas of specialization and how you can effectively sell to different consumer groups.

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Jordan Specialist 
Capture the vast tourism potential of Jordan, one of the world’s most legendary kingdoms full of hidden treasures and magnificent beauty.

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Family Specialist 
Master this growing and diversifying market and find endless sales opportunities in all types of vacation packages fit for all ages.

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Mature Adult Travel 
Find the substantial margin of profit in this growing market by skillfully matching every mature adult (50+) with the perfect product.

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USA Travel Expert 
Reap the rewards of the year-long sales opportunities found in U.S. travel. Opportunity won’t stop knocking once you become certified.

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North American Rail Specialist 
Multiply your commissions in the rail travel market, a clever niche offering inclusive packages that appeal to business and leisure travelers.

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