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ASTA Travel Agent Management Toolkit
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Sponsored by ASTA and Best Western

ASTA’s Travel Agent’s Management Toolkit (Toolkit) is designed to provide you, as a professional agency owner, manager, or home-based business owner, with the essential business tools to run your business in a more efficient and profitable way. In order for agents to maximize their potential, it is imperative to have a solid understanding of the relationship between revenue sources and cost structures, service and sales goals, focused marketing and business strategies. These are the foundation to continued growth and financial prosperity.

The Toolkit is the successor to the MAP I and MAP II programs developed by ASTA and Best Western in Partnership.  We have taken the best portions of MAP I and MAP II and streamlined the information to make it more concise and more actionable.  Additionally, a series of online tools have been developed to be used in concert with the Toolkit.  The online tools make it much easier for agent’s to analyze their own data.

Once again, Best Western has sponsored this program to help ASTA agencies improve their operations and to continue to be successful in the future. 

This course includes the tools to:

  • Chart your agency’s progress against industry benchmarks
  • Develop your agency’s income statement, balance sheet and key financial ratios
  • Forecast your agency’s profitability by using financial forecasting tools
  • Assess your agency’s staffing needs
  • Develop a simple marketing plan
  • Write a successful business plan
  • Learn to implement goals and manage change

In short, the Travel Agent’s Management Toolkit will develop your focus on “the business” of selling travel.


 Chapter  Previews of the materials you will find


Covers agency budgeting and profitability and provides benchmarks to determine your agency’s position compared to others in the industry.


Shows you how to develop an income statement and balance sheet for your agency and how to calculate some of the key financial ratios and the break-even point.


Provides you with information on agency staffing, including staffing benchmarks.


Teaches how to develop a simple, yet effective marketing plan. You will develop short- and long-term goals for your agency and develop your promotional strategy.

5 & 6

Combine the new goals and objectives, business practices and marketing strategy into your own unique business and marketing plans.


The final Chapter, explains implementation strategies and change management

When you finish this course, you may find that you not only explored new information and approaches to running your business but rediscovered skills and practices you once knew but have forgotten or abandoned over time. In any case, with study and practice, this course should enlighten and inspire you to improve your profitability by carefully planning your road to success.


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