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Travel Marketing Specialist Course

Travel MarketingBy Larry Mersereau, noted business strategist

In a world where competition is fierce, you need to promote your services skillfully to a targeted audience in order to get the business you deserve.

Learn how to make this happen with ASTA’s Travel Marketing Specialist Course—a comprehensive guide filled with everything you need to market your services like a pro.

Who better to be in control of your success than you? If you want to be in control, keep reading.

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There’s a Skill to Promoting Your Services

Learning the valuable art of promoting your services is vital, but only if you’re an agency owner, manager, front-line agent, supplier representative, independent contractor or anyone who wants to make more money and get rewarded for the hard work they do.

If you fall into any of those groups, then you should read this detailed guide that explains step-by-step useful marketing solutions for the travel industry.

In just a few short hours you’ll discover how to

1 Find prospects for your services and convince them that your agency is the best. You’ll be amazed how easily you pick up these tried-and-true marketing skills.
2 Produce a constant stream of potential buyers to convert into valuable customers. A “constant stream of potential buyers” sounds good, doesn’t it? Make it a reality.
3 Get the maximum return on your advertising dollars. Learn how to make your advertising pay for itself through fresh revenue and increased business.
4 Use the Four P’s of Marketing to your advantage. Learn how Product, Price, Place and Promotion define your marketing strategy and set you on course for a productive campaign.

That’s a lot of valuable information a true professional like you can use on a daily basis to attract new clients and significantly raise your agency’s profile.

This Info-Packed Course Has it All

Regardless of your past marketing experiences, you’ll find new information, insight and ideas in ASTA’s Travel Marketing Specialist Course that you can apply immediately to you specific situation. It’s that good of a book.

Inside 111 easy-to-read pages, you’ll get:

Basics of Marketing
Understand the fundamentals of successful marketing and apply them to your business immediately. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll know how to spend less to get better results. 
Fundamentals of Niche Marketing
Fine-tune your agency’s marketing strategy by zeroing in on specific consumer groups. This is a crucial key to profitability no matter what size your agency.
Niche Sales
Gain valuable tips and insights on front-line strategies that work. Learn the steps to convert potential clients into big business.
Marketing Plans
Set up and implement your own personal marketing plan. Many agents talk about it, but only the successful ones execute a marketing plan. Become one of the successful ones.

You’ll get all of that inside the complete manual plus in-course exercises, action plans, a test packet and professional evaluation (note, the test and evaluation service is no longer available).

With so much valuable information that will make you in charge of your success, why wait?

Click today and start your new career path the right way with ASTA

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