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Instructions and System Requirements
Using this course is easy! It is designed to be an online course consisting of onscreen text, a complete printable version in PDF format, and various video clips. To navigate around the course just follow these instructions:

  • Click the name any chapter you’d like to view in the list on
    the right side of the screen
  • Click BACK or NEXT to move through the course
    one page at a time
  • To view or print the text of the entire course text click

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This course has been designed with a multimedia approach to learning. It consists of the following components:

  • The entire text of the course in printable PDF format (printing is optional)
  • Onscreen text identical to the printable PDF file above
  • Streaming videos for each primary chapter or subject

Online videos are an integral part of the course. It should be noted however that while printing is optional, the text is integral to the course as well. In other words, you won’t find all of the information in the text nor will the videos alone convey the entire program. All of the text of will appear onscreen if you prefer to read from your computer monitor rather than printing it on paper or viewing it as a PDF file.

System Requirements
Since this course utilizes video with sound as well as PDF documents, it is intended for completion using your computer. The following minimum hardware requirements apply in order to complete the course:

  • A Windows or Mac computer with a high-speed Internet connection
  • Windows XP or higher, or Mac OSX
  • Sound card and speakers (or headphones)
  • Internet Explorer version 7 or higher, Safari, or Firefox
  • The free Adobe Acrobat ™ PDF reader

This course was developed in cooperation with Future Proof Travel Solutions (FPTS) and its president Nolan Burris. Due to the nature of their business, some of the material within this course may be similar to other material offered by FPTS.


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  1. Introduction
  2. The 4 Cornerstones
  3. Vision Statement
  4. Mission Statement
  5. Marketing 101 & the 4 P's
  6. USP & Brand
  7. Target Market(s)
  8. Image vs. Response
  9. Overt vs. Covert
  10. Marketing vs. Sales
  11. Traditional vs. Electronic
  12. Print
  13. Direct Mail
  14. Television and Radio
  15. Events
  16. Public Relations
  17. Electronic Marketing
  18. Websites
  19. Email & Fax
  20. Social Media
  21. Blogs
  22. Facebook
  23. LinkedIn
  24. Twitter
  25. Database & CRM
  26. Consultative Selling
  27. Sales Process
  28. Selling Your Value
  29. Professional Fees
  30. Marketing Plans
  31. Marketing Budget
  32. Putting It All Together

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Sales and Marketing Course Next


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