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The Expo Goes 'Round the Globe'

To truely appreciate and know a destination you have to experience it. Each year, ASTA's Destination Expo takes travel agents into the heart of the hottest worldwide destinations.  

2014 Merida, Mexico
2013 Dubai, UAE
2012 Lima, Peru
2011 San Juan, Puerto Rico
2010 Istanbul, Turkey
2009 Sun City, South Africa
2008 Lyon, France
2007 JeJu Island, Korea
2006 Prague, Czech Republic

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What agents had said about ASTA's International Destination Expo:

"I attended the ASTA IDE in Dubai and truly enjoyed the travel experience i.e. the programs – both educational and tours that ASTA organized.  Starting the with flight on Emirates which was fantastic to the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel I feel that I am an expert on Dubai and Abu Dhabi and can sell it with confidence." –Cynthia D. Brown, Executive Travel Counselor, American Express Travel 

“The Canopy of Culture was worth the trip. The speaker Nasif Kayed was inspirational and motivational. I went to his presentation two times and was more and more inspired” –A. Madeline Lee, Whittier Travel, Whittier, CA

"INCREDIBLE! The education has been just incredible. Coming to Dubai has really been worth the trip" –Patricia Cobbs, Dupont Plaza Travel, Miami, FL

“The Canopy of Culture educational session: “A real treasure of a speaker. Worth the price of the airfare and most importantly my time. Best session of all.”

“If you didn’t come to ASTA’s IDE, you could not sell this destination with any degree of credibility.”  –Bob Twomey, VIP Travel Service, Rochester, NY

"The 2012 IDE in Peru was beyond amazing- the venues, entertainment and, of course, the education was not only a surprise but a delight! I am so glad I went- and ASTA really put together an amazing experience." -- Helen Gbala, College of DuPage, Itasca, Ill.

"IDE is always a wonderful way to learn in a destination, and this year [was] no exception."-- Bob Poland, Don´t Go There- Personal Travel Advisors, Boston, Mass

"As a local tour operator in Peru, IDE in Lima has been such a great unique opportunity to meet potential buyers not only from the US but from other countries as well. I’m very sure IDE 2012 in Peru has helped local travel agents expand business and promise Peru unique attractions."-- Eliu Campos, ECS Travel Peru, Lima, Peru

"ASTA always does a great job at these events. All of your IDEs have been absolutely great, impressive, and memorable.  In the end, these shows are great for agents." -- A. Madeline Lee, Whittier Travel

"Absence of information in an area prevents clients from being able to plan trips to different destinations.  For example, few have heard of river cruises in Peru.  As agents, we can go home and sell the destinations we learn about at IDE.  We can tell the story of Peru to our clients." -- Brenda and John (Covington?), Brenda's Travel

"Presenting and working with the agents at IDE has been a magical experience. The room was full of energy and excitement. We are so excited to be here and there are so many opportunities in working with ASTA." -- Susana Romero, Celebrity Cruises

"Before attending the Prague IDE, I booked only a couple of trips to Prague in my 12 years of being an agent. After attending, I'm booking more than a couple in a single year. My France bookings, as well as the commission earned on a France trip, are also up since attending the Lyon conference. Obviously the experience of being in the destination along with the education provided does help you become a better travel consultant." 

"In the past year, I have received enough leads from my Travelsense profile to pay for my ASTA membership tenfold. The leads have been young consumers seeking clients seeking honeymoon travel. They are turning into repeat clients and they have been referring their friends to me. Like ASTA’s online resources, the IDE continues to bring my company opportunities" -- Csilla Dali, Global Voyages Inc

"I can't stress enough the value that each IDE I've attended has provided for my business. As an agent we all recognize the importance of familiarizing ourselves with a destination. The IDE's go well beyond that goal by offering in-depth destination training which is crucial to my abilities to sell a location. The 2011 IDE was no exception and exceeded my expectations." -- Steve Powers, Hidden Treasure Tours

"ASTA IDE in PR was just fabulous! I am a Los Angeles agent and because of the direct air from the west coast, I see Puerto Rico is a great alternative to Hawaii and Mexico" -- Vivian Russell, Vivian V Russell Travel

"IDE Puerto Rico completely blew away my expectations. It is an absolutely fantastic destination, and truly has something for everyone. From affordable, quaint cabins on the beach, all the way up to pure luxury." -- Evan McElligott, The New Breed of Travel Agents 


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