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ASTA is Your Ticket to Success-U.S. Travel Agency Membership

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For only a $1 or $2 a day (depending on your company's annual sales) you could:

Boost Your Credibility and Trust with New Customers—The ASTA logo is a seal of approval from the world’s largest travel agency association. It tells savvy travelers you are a trusted source. Featuring the logo in your outreach to clients gives travelers peace of mind.

Protect Your Livelihood by Preventing Costly Fees and Taxes—Last year ASTA prevented more than $230 million in new taxes and fees from becoming law in 28 states. We also helped to pass new travel insurance standards in 31 states, cutting costs and red tape for you and your clients. Our 2015 Regulatory Compliance Handbook and Course analyzes federal statutes, and tells you what to do to avoid fines.

Grow Your Business, Strengthen Your Network and Knowhow—ASTA is a one-stop shop when it comes to growing your company and taking your agents to the next level. We offer webinars on destination training, selling travel insurance, and the latest research on how to convert self-bookers into repeat customers. Carefully crafted educational series, online training and face-to-face networking help you build lasting professional relationships. Gain access to over 8,000 members through our Member Directory and through ASTA’s social media on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Connect to More Travelers—All ASTA members are listed on our consumer website— TravelSense.org by region and specialty. In 2014, more than $3.9 million in travel requests went directly to members from this site, which attracts 54,000 unique visitors per month.

Arm Yourself with the Resources to Answer Every Client’s Question—ASTA provides you with unmatched, easy-to-use industry resources at your fingertips. Our E-library is the largest database of travel-related information and research just for agents. We give you the insider information you need. You also receive ASTA's press releases, member alerts, Dateline newsletter and ASTA’s SmartBrief, a daily news roundup, which keeps agencies informed on the latest and constantly changing industry news.


Membership rates start at just $320 a year, for agents with $5 million or less in annual sales volume, including independent contractor, and go up to $25,000 annually for companies with $5 billion or more in sales volume annually*.

Don’t Forget to Register Your Employees* – U.S. Travel Agency Membership includes your front line agents! Extend ASTA's valuable industry resources and benefits to your frontline agents. Keep them well informed about industry developments and better prepared to provide top-notch service to your clients. 

If you would like personal assistance in joining or renewing, contact ASTA at either join@asta.org or askasta@asta.org or call 800.ASKASTA.


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*Companies with an annual sales volume of $50 million or more will automatically be enrolled in our Premium Membership program.  Independent Contractors are not included as an employee of an agency and are requested to join independently.

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