ASTA In The News

Date:  09/10/2015

ASTA Chairman Sees ‘Reengagement’ With Airlines

Date:  09/10/2015

Consortia Executives Stress Strength in Unity

Date:  09/08/2015

Hot Topics at ASTA Global Convention

Date:  09/03/2015

ASTA Sends Off Paul Ruden in Style

Date:  08/17/2015

ASTA Gears Up for DC Convention with Renewed Confidence & Influence

Date:  08/11/2015

ASTA Assails Marriott’s Book-Direct Campaign

Date:  06/25/2015

Signature Travel Buys ASTA Regulatory Course for All Members

Signature Travel Buys ASTA Regulatory Course for All Members

Date:  06/18/2015

ASTA Key in Squelching Another State Tax Hike on Agents

Date:  06/15/2015

ASTA Joins Heavy Hitters in Fight for Open Travel to Cuba

Date:  05/26/2015

Clients Say the Wackiest Things

Date:  03/26/2015

ASTA Urges Maryland House to Oppose OTA Sales Tax Bill

Date:  03/16/2015

ASTA to Hold Second Annual Legislative Day March 19

Date:  03/16/2015

Virtuoso paying members' ASTA dues

Date:  03/09/2015

ASTA Destination Expo 2015: Meet Me in Marrakech

Date:  02/02/2015

SoCal ASTA Honors Travel Agents at Diamond Awards

Date:  01/30/2015

ASTA Applauds Bipartisan Senate Bill to Fully Repeal Cuba Travel Ban

Date:  01/15/2015

ASTA Talks What the Cuba Decision Means for Travel Agents

Date:  01/12/2015

ASTA Lays out 2015 Advocacy Agenda, highlights 2014 “Wins”

Date:  10/23/2014

Travel Leaders Makes ASTA Membership Mandatory

Date:  10/23/2014

Travel Leaders Mandates ASTA Membership


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